Recording was cut short!

How long can a recording be?

I recorded a long mix set using the record feature and a huge portion of the set was cut off… The first 28 mins recorded but the last hour is missing! The recorder said it was recording the whole time.

I recorded a 58 min set before and it worked fine… I am confused and want to trust that when I click “record” it is actually doing it…all the way.

Thanks for your help.


The only limitation would come from the size of available disk space on your iPhone/iPod.

Do I understand you correctly that you have successfully recorded mixes before? Have you tried recording again? Which iOS and djay version do you have?

Thanks for reviewing my question! I think I was very close to having maxed out my Iphone’s disk space/storage with Apps and music. I freed up some space and tried re-recording my set and it worked fine. I guess it was my own user error and not a glitch after all. Thanks for your advice!

I have the same problem! I recorded an hour long mix on djay on my MacBook Pro and it worked fine, and I still have it. My last two attempts cut off after about 40 minutes, all the while letting me think it was recording the whole time! It’s not a storage issue, I don’t think, what gives??

+1. I have 320+ GB available on the HD on my iMac. And I delete old djay recordings regularly. There’s no way space is an issue for me. Just recorded a 40 min mix in djay. “Red light” was on the entire time. Timer was counting up. When I stopped, the recording was less than three minutes long, and cut off during first song. Just wasted a couple hours on this. Running OS 10.8.3 on a mid 2011 iMac.

it’s happening to me too. have plenty of disc space.

Hi guys, We are investigating the issue, it is very helpful if you can share your feedback any time this is occurring to you. At the moment we want to point out that to keep in mind to have enough space and also I wanted to ask if you guys are using keyboard shortcuts while recording? The Recording is being stopped by using Cmd + R, we are thinking of changing this keyboard shortcut. Please feel free to share your feedback anytime you are unfortunately running into this.

This is still a problem in the latest iteration of DJay pro 2 (macbook)
Randomly cuts most of my mixes around 40 mins

holy shit.  this just happened to me too.  two hour mix…  said it was recording the whole time and got about 12 mintes out of it… fuck sakes