Recording while streaming

Is there additional licensing needed to record your mix while streaming? I couldn’t find a question on this topic in the forum. Plenty of help on how to make recordings sound better. Am I missing something? Anytime you use DJ Pro, you’re streaming music live. How are people recording if the app doesn’t allow it??

You can only record music that you own or have in your music library…
It’s currently not possible to record from the various streaming apps like Tidal, Beatsource, etc…

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The only way to record your set when using any tracks from streaming services is to plug in an external recording device to one of the audio outputs of your mixer or controller. Ideally you’d plug the recorder into a “record out” connection on your device so the recording level isn’t altered by your master level. A “booth out” is a good second option, especially if you have a separate booth volume control on your device. There are plenty of audio recording devices out there and even some that are DJ focused like the Evermix Mixbox.

Anyway, here’s a good article on how to do it:


Thanks, maurizio and slak-jaw :+1:t4:


Search Amazon for “ reloop tape” first thing that comes up $159 headphone out, aux out of mixer and will record to flash drive…

Watch Brian Reds video… 5 mins

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