Recovering unsaved Djay recordings

hi all,

at a major, high-pressure, corporate event recently i closed my app to restart it after seeing no signal as music was about to resume following a presentation. i forgot to stop the recording i had been making of my first bracket before doing so - and have been left with a file that will not read or play. i can see the size of the file and the time it was made - all of that squares with what should be there - however it is useless as is.

i remember this also used to happen if i forgot to stop a recording entirely too - waking the next day to find it had switched itself off and not saved a playable recording - though (as with most other attributes) the app has become far more flexible, stable and reliable in this regard since.

does anyone know of a way to restore the ability to play the file that remained saved in my djay files (though invisible in the recordings of the app)?

i have exported it from my ipad pro to my macbook pro desktop and opened it in music but it flicks straight to the next file below when one tries to play it. the duration reads ‘unavailable’ in music but all else is as it should be. i already tried converting the WAV to an AAC but that too will not play.

would love to find a way to rescue such fare if anyone has some advice?

Hi there. Can you check the size of the file and confirm that there is audio data on it. If there is download a program called audacity and try opening that file there. If that does not work then there is no way in my opinion to fix it.

The file size is 940 MB, the size that much audio would amount to. However when I downloaded audacity and dragged that track in it does not appear is as a waveform and will not play still. Thanks anyway.

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tried a bunch of other apps and had no luck with quicktime or garageband but incredibly VLC just worked. i can play this recent unsaved set there - and another from a few years back (but none of the earlier files that failed). that’s great but now i cannot seem to convert or export said files to anything that will play as audio anywhere else!

ok wonderful - i’ve realised a workaround for both the set a few days ago and an amazing lost street party set on election night here years back. first i opened the files in VLC. then i could only export them by converting in VLC to ‘audio CD’. those files were then able to be opened in apple music as WAVs. really hope this helps someone else. other defective/corrupted/unsaved djay sets i had from prior to 2019 would not open in VLC at all btw, only the two i had from 2019 on.


VLC has always been pretty awesome :+1:t2: :muscle:t2: :clap:t2:


Hi @Jack_Shit,

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue!

By any chance could you please send us a copy of said “corrupt” recording so that we can further investigate this issue?

Additionally, what version of djay are you using?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

sure thing nathaniel. i can send you a file i saved - and one that i cannot.

where do you want me to send them?

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