Recursive Search ?

Hey there, I have a folder, organised with subfolders for my music. In Virtual DJ there is the option to choose a folder and recursively find any song there is under it. Is there any alternative here ?

Hi @iloudaros,

Welcome to the Algoriddim Community, and thanks for reaching out about this.

In the search box in djay Pro AI on Mac, you have the option to choose between searching in all of My Files, or searching in a Folder. Is this what you’re looking for? Please see the screenshot below:

Let me know if this achieves what you’re after, or if you had something different in mind.

Hey Emily,
Thanks for the reply. That’s useful yeah. But is it possible to make my songs from these subfolders appear in the Playlist Window?

Sorry for the delayed reply here! I just want to be 100% sure I understand what you’re looking for. Is it that you want all songs in all subfolders to show in the playlist window if you have the main/primary folder selected?

Currently, if you select any of the subfolders, then the contents of that subfolder are displayed in the playlist window:

But if you select the main/primary folder, only songs that are contained outside of any of the subfolders but still within the main/primary folder will show in this window:

Thanks in advance for the clarification!