Red Sound Cycloops Sampler

hi there… I’ve been looking for something similar to the famous Red Sound Cycloops Sampler to use on iPhone. The idea: connecting some sort of cable, that would bring signal from my mixer effects output into the iphone app allowing it to analise in real time, detecting it’s BPM as: 128.34. Then, the app would feature 6 banks: 2 banks of 1 tempo, 1 of 2 tempos, 1 of 4 tempos, 1of 8 tempos and 1 of 16 tempos, just like the old Cycloops… the app would be usable like this, it would “listen” the tracks, through the cable, detect bpm, and once we’d push one of the buttons it would sample sounds… either 1, 2 4 8 or 16 tempos, syncing those samples “listening” the line-in… playing them synced back through the line-out, that would be connected to another line in in my dj mixer. allowing me to play samples live and sync with real records, or other machines, CDJs… Good Idea???