Refreshing playlist in DJAY

I was wondering if you can have djay refresh your playlist without having to reopen the software. A lot of times I’ll get a request and download the song into itunes, but I cannot play it through the software unless I shutdown and reload. So i’m stuck playing the song from itunes and transitioning to djay?

Hi Nicholas,

Click on “Library” on the menu bar and select “Refresh Library”.

Hi Anshul Gupta,

i was able to refresh a playlist by “Refresh Library” so this is working.
Could you tell us in detail what you are trying to do?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Dan,

we are sorry to hear that but adding tracks to the library and to playlists will get synchronised via the “Refresh Library” command. 

Can you tell us in more detail what information is not getting synchronised, are you referring to the Play Count Playlist you mentioned in your recently opened thread? If that is the case please answer in that thread.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

replied in the thread you created.

Thank you for the screenshots.

Lukas E.

Hey Benjy Kirk,

in general, files djay can not support, like DRM protected Apple Music songs are not getting displayed in djay. You can check if your playlist is getting refreshed by adding a new song purchased from the iTunes store and see if the song is getting synchronised.

Lukas E.

Same problem.
Refresh does not reflect any recent additions and or changes to my iTunes library…
Quitting and restarting both applications does nothing.
I am using dJay Pro 1.3.1. and iTunes

How is this issue “marked as resolved” when every reply from users indicates that the issue is NOT resolved?

Okay… doing what you suggested. Opening both apps now.
Please note screencaps.
The number of songs in iTunes for each list still does not match the number in djay.

This does’t work. Any other way to fix this?

Please can you link to the thread you replied in Lukas? I would like to see the answer

Using the android version on my samsung galaxy and since recent update of it the playlists have disappeared from the library. I sync it using windows media player and can’t find a refresh library icon within dj2. Any advice?

Think I need to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Will I need to buy it again?

I cannot believe after all of this time this issue is still unresolved!!!

Hi, I am using Spotify, and my playlist doesn’t reload either.
I ‘refresh’ my playlist, but it isn’t doing anything.
I have an older spotify playlist that I am not using, and isn’t in my spotify playlists.
So how do I update DJAY?
I have the same question, if I delete the app, do I need to purchase it again?