Regarding future updates and the forum

I am reading this post and having a good laugh.

My thoughts in general for Lukas and the entire team is first… WELL DONE on creating the product with spotify integration and putting good time into creating an overall great product.

I can see that users have different ways of expressing themselves in the forum… My thoughts is that there are certainly some bugs in the software that have been identified by users, it seems. I would highly recommend putting the fixing of the bugs FIRST. It’s software highly recommended by apple but still has bugs. I would highly recommend having a look through the bugs, make a list then iron out before releasing future major updated versions

I am a professional user and play weddings. There are some bugs in Automix. Currently having big problems with my crossfader not working and some other crashes.

I’ve been using Djay since Djay 1.

My take is that most people have issues with 3rd party devices. I don’t use any 3rd party devices. There are issues that go on for years that don’t involve any 3rd party devices have not been solved. Meanwhile…another huge update with old issues. Who ever is running this show…wake up. The core problems that continue boggles me.

And by the way David,
Good approach on a civil comment. Moaning and bitchin’ makes me want to leave this COMMUNITY. If a user hates this App as much as some do…well, you know

DJay pro 2

My Cross-Fader also dont work