Rekordbox for iPhone/iPad released

The new Rekordbox app for iPhone and iPad, announced by Pioneer a few months ago, was released a few hours ago.
Here is a first impression: Pioneer DJ rekordox App (Review) - Is this the #1 DJ App? - YouTube
Maybe you have a look at it. I am personally not enthusiastic, but it is just for the moment a possibility to use the Flx4 with the iPad. :slight_smile:

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Ah great, hope this makes Pioneer focus on releasing Class Compliant gear from now on. Or even better, update the firmware on some of the somewhat older gear (hello DJM-450 and DJM-750MKII). That would help users of Djay as well.

Also the cloud sync of cue points etc is something I would love in Djay too!

Honestly, this looks a lot more comprehensive than I was expecting for an initial launch. Sure it’s missing a lot of stuff that djay Pro AI has and doesn’t look nearly as “Pro”, but all-in-all, I’m pretty impressed so far. Other than djay, this looks like a much better offering than the other iOS apps out there.

The big things I see missing so far are:

  1. Beatport/Beatsource streaming
  2. Stems
  3. 4 Decks
  4. X/Y touch screen FX
  5. Looper / Step Sequencer

I’m excited to see another iOS DJing option and I think this will only help to further innovation in tablet DJing. I won’t be making the switch just yet though…

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Nice to see that Pioneer has got the Cloud Library Sync figured out so there’s still hope that djay Pro AI can bring this long requested feature back so I don’t have to manually copy the “djay Media Library” to my other devices :slight_smile:

I expected more, especially Stems, but also other little things like the possibility to analyze playlists from streaming services directly, without having to add these tracks to the “own collection” first. Moreover, the functionalities are so limited in the free version that you are more or less forced to take out a subscription. This is not necessarily different with DJay Pro AI, but at least at the moment you get much more for your money. Especially many Rekordbox users will notice that they have to pay extra for the app, even if they already have a Pro subscription.
We will continue to monitor this and see how it develops. :slight_smile:

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@Chris_R I didn’t expect them to launch with Stems so no real surprise there - I’m sure it’s in the works. By the way, have you tried djay 4.1.7 with your FLX4 yet? I’m curious to hear how good the integration is.

I just tried this and can’t say anything negative. However, especially with Smart CFX, it is not clear to me what exactly happens there and especially if and how the effect can be changed. Shift & Smart CFX anyway, as it is the case with Rekordbox, does not change anything except that Smart CFX is turned on or off.

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You may have already seen this, but just a few hours ago Algoriddim added support for the FLX4 with the latest update!