Reloop and ipad connection

when i connect my reloop with the ipad the fader from dj application dissapears … i have this problem since the latest update of dj

That is because the fader is on your controller? Why need the virtual fader?

Yes i do.

They added loop counter and effect indicator in bothom of screen. Much more important then the virtual fader.

Crossfader was very usefull for me, becouse gives possibility to automatic transition on beatpat ( for example: right deck just play, crossfader is on the right possition side, now just push left arrow next of crossfader and automatic transition on left loaded song was done). Now is impossible. It would be nice return this possibility for example in turntable mode on beatpad.

Can someone help with download link for old version of Djay 2 v2.7.7 for iPad HD please. The automatic transition possibility is really very important for me on Reloop BeatPad. Thanks for any advice.

The automatic cutting when holding Shift is still possible. However, the Crossfader is no more accessible within the software.
Why would you need the Crossfader here, as well?

Reloop beat pad

yea the fader on the controller works … it used to have both … do u use relloop beatpad ? dj ivan ?

so i cant have the fader also on my ipad ? … thee scratching while holding shift does not work anymnore ?