Reloop and Saving Hot Cue Loops Confusion Coming from Rekordbox

Coming from Rekordbox and running into inconsistencies. Hope someone can help!

  1. In Rekordbox, if I’m in a loop and press an unassigned hotcue button, it saves the loop in the hotcue. In Djay, if I press the unassigned hotcue button, it only saves the start of the loop but not the loop itself. How can I get it to act like Rekordbox to automatically save an active loop?

  2. In Rekordbox, if I want to change an out point of an active loop, I hit the exit loop button followed by the out button at a new point to make a new out point for the loop. In Djay, if I exit the loop and hit the out button, nothing happens. Is there a way for this to act like Rekordbox?

I can help with your first point. djay does not treat saved loops as cues. You can access saved loops as part of the loops menu where you’ll have to select „Saved“. See my screenshot for more context.

For your second point, you could try making your loop longer until it hits the point you need (equivalent to the x2 button on Pioneer gear).

Thanks for your help on the loop confusion! It would still be nice to consolidate into hot cues so we don’t have to toggle between different pad modes on controllers.

For point 2 - it’s especially useful to adjust the end point to change from 3 beat to 4 beat loops on more experimental transitions. Hopefully Algoriddim reads these forums.

Thanks @eponym for the questions and @djjoejoe for the fantastic answers.

I will pass this feedback along to our dev team so they can take a better look at these suggestions as well!

Have a nice day!

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