Reloop Beatmix 4 MK2 - Compatibility


The DJAY compatible hardware page lists Beatmix2 and 4 as being natively compatible.

Does this include the mk2 version as well for iOS?

Also, does native compatibility mean there is a built in midi map that can also be edited if I want to change some of the features?


Hey @rishi ,

Thank you for asking this question here in the Community.

I’m sorry, but your controller is not natively supported by djay for iOS. A full list of natively supported hardware is available in our FAQ.

Generally speaking, if the controller needs an audio driver to work on a PC/Mac, it won’t work on iOS, since it is not possible to install drivers on iOS.

To answer your second question, yes, native compatibility means there is a built-in MIDI mapping that can also be edited if you wish to assign specific functions to your controller’s commands.

For all the information on how to MIDI-map a controller on iOS, you can take a look here:

Hope this information helps. Cheers!

The beatmix 2 and 4 are natively supported on this list

My question is… Does this apply to both versions as there is a mk1 and a MK2 version of their controller. The list doesnt specify.

I don’t own it so I can’t check.