Reloop Beatpad 2 - all drum pads are white in sampler mode

there is a problem after switching to the sampler mode. After switching to that mode all drum pads are white. There is no more color regarding to the colors set in Djay Pro 2. I’m using latest version of djay pro 2 (2.2.5) on Apple Air i7 CPU (ealier 2014) with macOS (Catalina 10.15.6) but the proble was also in previous version of djay pro 2 soft.
Do you have any idea how to fix this? It’s developement problem or special settings of samples library?

Thank You for your help!

Hi @PROsiaq,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to the community.

Are the Sample Pads changing color if you are switching through the different Sample Pad options?

thank you for Your reply. In smapler mode all pads are white and it doesn’t change colors even if I open another samples pack (if that you mean). The pad change only color when I switch to different mode - ex. Touch FX (violet) or Slicer (amber with white beat indicators).

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