Reloop Beatpad 2 integration

Hi folks. I just got the brand new BeatPad 2 from Reloop and it does not work well.
I have an iPad 2, updated with IOS 9.0.1. and dJay 2 version 2.7.9.

Working with Spotify the songs get frozen quite oftenly, even with all preloaded song done in advanced.

The equalization goes off every time I load a new song, and it is left flat, so I need to turn the 3 dials (treble, med and loud) completely right to left to trigger them, so no “memory” setting in place.

Any solution to it ?

thank you…Rogerfunky

Hi,I’m on the verge of buying a Beatpad 2 for a friend of us to use with
Djay 2 + iPad 2
Could you please let me know if the issues you experienced have been solved to that day either by the support or the firmware upgrades?

I also have simlar issues plus others

I have come across two major bugs while using DJay 2 with the titled setup all fully updated to the latest versions at the time of writing. Both different parts of the software cause the same issue/reaction of the software while using the touchscreen of the ipad when connected to the Beatpad 2.

The issue is it locks the ipad screen (music still playing), and when you press the button of the ipad and swipe to unlock, the app is not showing and the music instantly stops dead, but once you press the app to open it again the music comes back on where it left off.

This issue happens on the following i have encountered so far:

  1. while using the search bar in the top left during typing a song/artist name, touching a song in the selection box revealed, touching in the type box to erase text written. This happens intermittently when searching the music stored, but more so when searching Spotify

  2. while swiping around the touch FX screens for each deck when showing the waveforms not the turntables. This can also cause the app to crashout completely so the music stops instantly and the app just disappears.

These issues cannot be replicated when it is not connected to the reloop beatpad 2

These issues happened a couple of live gigs making me look like the guy trying to ruin the party atmosphere…

The issues maybe coming after prolonged use, they both happened at gigs later in the evening

iPad Air 2, fully updated Djay 2

I was thinking it might be to do with all these additional swipe gesture screens that come in from the top/bottom/left/right supplied on the iOS, as the search bar is at the top right and the touch FX pad appears at the bottom left. I have found a way to block them all and locking you into the app and nothing else, by turning on guided access. Have not tested it but have a gig on friday and will be giving it another going over.

Unfortunately we couldn’t reproduce your problems, yet.

Is there anything that causes these flaws or does it happen without any noticeable reason? Any information is appreciated.

Hi Roger. I don’t have Beatpad 2 but myself and a partner are now experiencing freezing on an ipad 2 & 3 ever since upgrading to IOS 9…Waiting on a reply from one of the Admins

Wow! Yes, hopefully it’s being investigated

Hi Trey, thanks for the post.
I am using the same iPad and software onto a Numark iDjPro and it does not happens.

Let’s see who can help us. just spent 500€ on it and it does not work…

NO updates in this subject ?
Any Administrator around ?

I have had some freezing issues but that’s been only because I didn’t close the programme down properly. When you start Djay make sure you close it and reopen.

I can’t reproduce that on my Beatpad 2. Not sure what that is. Hope it sorts itself out for you. Try doing all the usual things like a system reset, deleting all other active apps.

What iPad are you using and version of Djay?

Well you certainly have enough under the hood that is for sure. Maybe bad wifi connection whilst at your gig. Although did you say it’s happened with regular tracks as well?

For me iv had no real issues. Iv had little gripes that the looping is only set to 8 bars and also the shift/queue combo doesn’t work yet as it should but thats only spiting hairs really. In terms of playing and stability with Djay 2 its been rock solid. Very good controller with Djay 2.