Reloop Beatpad 2 Sampler Function on the new IOS Djay

The Beatpad 2 sampler function is not working correctly with the new Djay for IOS.
First, only 6 pads are mapped to samples. Why is that if each sample pack has 2 banks of eight, same with the controller that also has 2 banks of eight! Could not algoriddim go the easy way? 8/8?
Second, the pads were color coded before; now all of them are white. Colored pads help a lot during a live perfomance!
It is a step back from the previous Djay 2 version, and certainly a not welcome problem for a commercial application. Even worst for a subscription one!
Any ideas and/or solutions about that?

Any news about that?


Is this issue solved now, anyone?

i have the same problem with the mixon 4

Reloop hasn’t updated the Beatpad 2 in some time.