Reloop Beatpad: additional Shift mappings

On the Reloop Beatpad I like how pressing shift+sampler button opens the sample screen.

Would it be possible to have something similar for SHIFT + FX ON/ LOOP
The idea would be that on the djay the respective FX and Loop control would be opened.
Main benefits would be that it’s easier to see which FX or loop size you are selecting without having to switch to it using the touchscreen.

Any other button combination to achieve the same would be OK as well, the above is a mere suggestion on which buttons. For me just changing the loop size or FX selector knob would be enough to have this screen appear on djay as these are the only functions for which the controller doesn’t give me feedback on what I’m doing.

Or better yet, just have an on screen display of what effect/loop count you have. Maybe get rid of the cross fader on the bottom since we already have a physical cross fader.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

I have put this in as an idea a long time ago.
Djay 2 works better with the Wego 3, because of this, but i prefer my more pro Beatpad.
I own a Idj Pro also. This has indicators on screen. The Idj pro has the best interface for Djay.

Please consider adding it to the interface of the beadpad. It would realy make me want to use the Beatpad again.

The loop indicator is so important during mixing.

This functionality is already in the software! They just need to turn it on for controllers other than the WeGo3.

Take a look at any of the WeGo3 promo videos or stills and right at the bottom of the iPad screen is FX and Loop info.


Totally agree with the idea. Just did a set at a party using the reloop beatpad and my ipad and was awesome, but I tend not to use effects at all because you never know what effect is set at the moment and dont like messing with the ipad touch screen much. Even just being able to see what the current effect is would be a good start or better yet being able to always see what effect is set and have the ability to open effects details with Shift /Effect as mentioned. Thanks for consideration and keep up the good work.

Beeing able to see what the current effect is… definately would be an improvement

Can you tell us when This will be updated ?

Press shift and 1 or 2 to listen the song in the library before selecting