Reloop Buddy Bug Issues


  1. The cross fader lags when a new song is played. You have to move it around to hear the sound.

  2. The Neural mix is not instant, there is a lag when the button is pressed.

  3. The Hot cues lags when they are pressed to go to that specific point in the song.

Thank you

Hi @E_Flem,

Thanks for posting in the Algoriddim Community. We hope you’re enjoying the Buddy. Let’s figure out together what’s going on here and if anyone in the Community is also affected by these issues, feel free to drop a comment.

1.- How exactly do you start your transitions? Do you tap on the arrows next to the crossfader? Does the Crossfader on the controller match the position of the crossfader you see on the screen? Could you please check if on the Advance MIDI settings of your crossfader you have Pick Up Mode (AKA ghost pitch faders) enabled? [more info]
From the FAQ page →

Pickup Mode: with this option enabled, djay will detect when the on-screen control is no longer in sync with the control on your MIDI controller, and wait until you re-align the control to make it have an effect. This is especially useful for tempo sliders, as using the “sync” option will alter the on-screen slider.

2+3.- Please note the first time you activate a Cue Point / Neural Mix, it may take a moment until the tracks are correctly cached. We recommend pre-caching the songs, you can see DJ Angelo pre-caching every song he plays here.

Hope I could help.


Once the song is started, I have to move the cross fader slightly to the right or left to hear the music playing. This happens when I’m in Neural mix. You can’t hear automatically like other controllers.


Hi @E_Flem,

Do you mean that the Pre-Cueing output doesn’t switch automatically from left to right when you move the crossfader from right to left?

Hope to hear from you again.

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