Reloop Buddy improvement

Does Reloop or Algoriddim updated their software in order to work better together? I am talking about things Crossfader talked about in their review of the Reloop Buddy.

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Hi @xeamus,

Thanks for posting this.

Please note that Algoriddim exclusively develops software. For anything hardware related regarding the Buddy, you’ll need to reach out to Reloop directly.
What improvement requests from Crossfader are you exactly referring to? Could you please list them?

Thanks in advance for your time and collaboration.

Cheers, G

The Reloop Buddy is the main input so what you see on the screen should follow what you are changing on the Reloop Buddy. It should be fast, simple, intuitive to use with Djay, without having to much on the screen that you don’t need to touch (for example no big jogwheels on the screen, already have that on the controller). And the things you do need to touch on the screen should be easy to access and intuitive. For example if I change effects on the Reloop Buddy, I can not see that I have changed effect or anything). I would like to see things like that without touching the screen.

Here is the video by Crossfader:

Have not bought the Reloop Buddy yet, but this sort of things seems fundamental to improve the workflow. Have Djay or Reloop improved anything in the software since launch?




I’m considering purchasing this. Before dropping this kind of cash, can we get an update on the issues that have been brought forth by Crossfader? Really excited about getting this in my hands!

Hi guys,

@xeamus, have you tried the 2-Deck PRO view on djay for iOS? There you don’t have two big jog-wheels on the screen. Also, there you can open the tool panel to tweak the FXs:

Please note that this Crossfader video is not a djay review. I believe the guy wasn’t really savvy on how to use djay for iPad. I’m also not sure whether he’s got a PRO subscription during the video. Most users connected to MIDI controllers prefer the 2-deck PRO view depicted above more than the Classic view.

I hope I could help. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Cheers, G

True, Crossfader’s review didn’t do the Buddy any justice…
I don’t mind using it for when I need to use it however my biggest gripe and the deal breaker is the fact it only has a 2 band Eq… I really wish they added the Mid to it.

Also being a USB powered controller, I have used it with a USB Power Bank which makes it perfect for taking on holidays and using it whilst camping or on a plane!

I miss the loop shift function with the help of the shift + loop rotary knob mentioned in the crossfader review. In my opinion, this feature should go on and on if Djay supports it.

I have since re mapped my Buddy and made it more Dj friendly

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