Reloop Buddy mixer not connecting to Android devices

Hi, just purchased Reloop Buddy mixer for my 12 year old son for Christmas.
It doesn’t connect to any of 4 different Android devices (3 phones and tablet). Only MODE button lights up.
All connections used are as per manufacturer recommendations.
Can you please advise?

What are the devices that you have tried? Makes and models, including which version OS they’re running.

Also please confirm that you are actually running DJay on these devices, and not just plugging in the Buddy and expecting it to work.

Hi, thank you for quick response…

Devices used are:
Huawei P30 Pro version 12.0.0

Google Pixel 7 version 14

TCL Tab 10 version 11

OPPO A54 version 12

All devices connected to Buddy mixer and Djay app installed…

Thank you in advance for looking into this for me…

I asked if it was running. Being installed is not the same as having it running.

When you connected the Buddy, did you have the DJay software running?

Yes, i was able to operate djay software on my phone but buddy mixer does
not light up except MODE button…

Same issue here with Reloop Mixtour. Connected the mixer to my Samsung Galaxy A34 (running Android 14) via usb, opened up the Djay app, switched on the hardware and nothing happens - no connection. Thought it was just going to be plug n’ play but feel like I am missing something (although I have not found any clear guidance if there is any additional step needed for setting it up).

Strange thing is when I go to settings/MIDI in the app, it just offers to scan for Bluetooth devices only.

Any more advice here please as I’m ready to return my hardware (with huge