Reloop buddy Noise in headphone

Hi, I have a lot of noise in my headphone even when a song is playing on ipad. On MacOS the problem doesn’t appear.


Hi and welcome to the forum. Check the usb cable that you are connecting to the iPad. Is it the original cable?

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No it’s an Amazon white label cable. Do you have a cable reference to suggest me?
Thanks for your replay

Hi there. Yes, you need to get a cable with a farit core. This is a cable with a small magnit knob attached to one end of the cable. What you are hearing is electric noise threw the headphones caused by static. Are you plugging via a usb hub or does the controller take external power?

Hi there. Some thing like this

DJ TechTools makes USB cables specifically for DJing. I use one of these to connect my Reloop Ready directly to my iPad Air 4 without any adapters.


Thanks to all of you. I’ve ordered a new cable, we will see if it fixes it.


I‘ve got today my buddy and have this same issue with ipad and iphone

any solution?

The problem is solved - it was…a lighting usb cable
Witha new original one - all working fine

Hi @Wojtek_K, glad to hear you were able to solve the issue. Thanks for letting us know.

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