Reloop Buddy not connecting with my Lenovo new M11

Hi folks!

I have issues connecting my Buddy controller with my new Lenovo M11 tablet.

Connected via USB hub (power pass through) just like I connect with my Pixel phone. On the phone no issues. On the tablet I either get the controls to work and can connect to the DJay app OR I get sound from the RCA outlets (nasty sound though) but without controls (only Mode button illuminates).

I believe it may be some setting in the tablet, but nothing I could spot so far. Any idea anyone?

Thanks a lot

This might be of interest:

Thanks a lot. I checked the post but i doesn’t really help me. I connected everything as described but it doesn’t work at all with my Lenovo tablet. It works just fine with my phone (but not very convenient with the tiny screen). Since the controls on the buddy are recognized, I still hope there is any setting I can adjust to make it work. Alternatively, I would be interested which tablet work fine. Any idea where I can find that list?

What you should be able to gather from the thread is that Android support is very hit & miss, due to variations in devices and custom Android builds by different manufacturers.