Reloop buddy sound cutting out

Hi can anyone help me I purchased a reloop buddy and sent it back thinking the mixer was broken but I have received my new deck and when I connect it to iOS in iOS mode or option two bus connection when I connect it to speakers with RCA connection I turn the master sound up and it keeps cutting the sound out

Please can anyone help me as when I contacted reloop they are saying it’s a algoriddim fault

Hi @Jamesb,

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced this issue.

So that I can better assist you, could you please record a video capturing the explained issue and attach it to your reply? If the video is too big to email to us (i.e., over 50MB), please use one of the following methods for sharing your video:

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Having a clear view of the issue will go a long way towards investigating and finding a solution. I look forward to your response so we can look into the issue further.

Cheers, G

HI I just purchased the Reloop buddy and this has happened to me with sound cutting on and off only when I connect my speaker via the RCAs is there a fix for this?
Many Thanks

I never got a fix on this just don’t turn the volume on the reloop buddy more then 3 quarters

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I have noticed similar experience with the Reloop Buddy - if I turn the Master all the way to max, I get very bad sound quality. I keep the master to exactly 50% and then use my speakers volume to adjust. It provides decent output quality.

See if that helps :slight_smile: