Reloop Buddy with Ipad Pro (2021/USB-C)

Hi all.

I have Problems with DJ Pro AI + new Reloop Buddy when using it on an iPad Pro 2021 over USB-C. So i bought an expensive USB-C to USB-B-Cable ( DJ TECHTOOLS DJTT USB-C Chroma Cable Red) and the Problem is’nt solved yet. The Controller works just fine when connecting it to an Iphone XS over USB to Lightning. But on Ipad Pro with USB-C the software is very laggy and the headphone-output-sound is carved up. Any Suggestions? Thx alot.

That sounds strange. I have used this same setup with no issues. Can you confirm that the switch on the side of the Buddy near the USB ports is on PC instead of iOS? If using the USB-B port it needs to be set to PC.

The USB-Port is turned to PC correctly,

another strange thing is, when i set my output to"iPad-Speakers" then i dont have any lags. Now i also tested the output for “speakers” and the sound is stuttering the same way like it did on the HeadPhone-Output before

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Ive recorded a video of my problem.

and again, it all works fine with my iPhone and USB/Lightning :frowning:

Try turning Bluetooth OFF in your iPad settings

Nope :frowning: Same sick sound

What version of djay are you running?

Also have you tried using a powered USB-C hub connected to the iPad then USB cable from the Buddy to the hub? It’s possible that the Buddy isn’t getting enough power from your iPad.

I typically use one of these and have it connected to power so my iPad is charging while DJing. My Reloop Buddy does run fine when connected directly via USB-C, but I’ve had issues in the past with other controllers drawing too much power for the iPad.

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Thank You Buddy!
My Ipad Os was not up to date…
Now everything runs fine!! <3

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You’re welcome! Happy to help.


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