Reloop Budy is not working with DJay Pro on Windows 11

Hardware: Reloop Budy, Microsoft Surface Pro 8 with i7 cup and 16Gb ram
Software: DJay Pro Demo latest version, Windows 11 Home

Hello all and thanks for reading.
I followed the Reloop Budy setup guide instructions and connected it to the Surface Pro 8 using a USB hub and the usb-b to usb-a cable. Immediately windows recognises an audio device named Reloop Buddy. Lights circle on the controller and mode light is the only that stays on.
I then launch DJay Pro in demo mode but the rgb pads don’t light up, the application doesn’t responds to the controller and on midi settings there is no midi device listed.

Please help!

Guys, I found the solution, the problem was that I needed to install a Reloop Budy driver, available on their site.
Now its working great!