Reloop controllers: preview of tracks - recommended mapping (mixon 4)

I’m looking for a quick way to pre-listen to tracks (and skip back and forwards) in the library list via my controller, really quickly! I don’t want to use mouse and computer for that.
Just to clearify; I don’t want to have to load tracks on deck to pre-cue. Just listening quickly through the library list.

Is there any mapping and what controls on the controller that you recommend for this?

maybe something in RB can inspire you?

Thanks, Calle


Thank you for getting in touch. We provide a previewing feature in the library by clicking e.g. the play button while hovering the track artwork.

Thanks for getting back.
Yes well, for me it’s hands off the computer as much as possible. (I’m trying to look like a DJ using a controller after all… :slight_smile:
I map rotary push(enter) on my Mixon 4 to play/stop ‘preview selected track’ feature. Works great! What not works is skipping fwd/bwd as good as It could. Also the preview stops when I change track. This could be optional as this competitor shows.
And my suggestion is for you to

  1. make the ‘preview skip forward/backward’ features mappable to the rotary encoder as well.
  2. make the preview of selected track continue w/o stopping when I switch to next track in list. Only to stop when I push ‘preview selected track’ again.

Other posts have requested these features in the forum before so I suppose it’s hard 4u to do.

I think extended Previewing functions should be prioritised in mapping since that’s an essential function of a DJ and this would highly speed up the process instead of loading on deck/mousing around.
I’m counting on Algoriddim to stay at the cutting edge of DJ-software in terms of ease of use especially after going w subscription model.
You’re the best!