Reloop Media Player Running djay Pro AI

With Laidback Luke recently switching from Denon DJ to Reloop and Algoriddim djay Pro AI this gave me a cool idea for a future collaboration.

What if Laidback Luke, Reloop and Algoriddim collaborated on a “Media Player” running djay Pro AI? I’m picturing something like the Denon LC6000 with no built-in “brain” or software, but with a touch screen like the SC6000. Instead you connect a phone or tablet running Algoriddim djay Pro AI to provide the brains and software. This way the player could be lower cost and easier to develop, but more suited for a standard club environment.

Given Reloop’s current hardware lineup, this doesn’t seem like it would be a huge development stretch for them. Personally, I’d love to see these 2 companies make a move like this and challenge Pioneer and Denon for club space.