Reloop mixon 4 + djay 2 and USB drive compatibility


I am interested in buying the reloop mixon 4 and use my iPad with the djay app.

Thing is - I don’t have any free space on the iPad and would like to connect a USB drive to it as well as the reloop mixon 4.

I’ve read all other posts about people having issues with this, but I am wondering if there is some kind of solution to this yet, since several posts are pretty old.

I’ve stumbled upon this thing -…

But people say it doesn’t work as intended. Is there some other workaround? I have a linksys wrt 1900 router where I can connect a USB drive if I want to, but will it be able to STREAM the songs and not DOWNLOAD the songs to the iPad?

I am willing to buy anything to get this to work. I’ve read that you can buy wireless hard drives, but that it’s not working very well either.

Would be very nice if someone from the algoriddim staff could jump in here and easemy burden, since I’ve spent the last 7 days googling on solutions for this specific setup to work.

Thankful for an answer!


Hey there,

thank you for your post.In general the explained scenario should work, as long as you are able to access your usb drive via a managing app, please follow this FAQ entry:…


Also, worth mentioning, I want to be able to load the tracks smoothly from the drive with info such as key and bpm without having to go through 3-5 steps just to load a track. :slight_smile: thanks!