Reloop Mixon 4 / Windows 10 / LED mapping

I have both Djay Pro and Serato for Windows 10.

My Reloop Mixon 4 controller has LEDs on the jog wheels and to show current loop length. Both of these work fine in Serato, but do not work in Djay Pro.

I have tried custom mappings, but can’t seem to find the right settings.

Does anyone know why they don’t work in Djay Pro and how I can get them working please.


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Hi Marco,

Can you contact us direclty via our agents are happy to help you directly with the mapping issue.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Marco,

We are very sorry for the belated response.

Your further mails have pushed the topic up in the order.

I am very sorry, a colleague is on it.

Lukas E.

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have you resolved the issue? Same problem here

Thanks. I have sent an email a few days ago and I am waiting for reply. Hope answer will be soon

10 days no contact. Wondering what the email is good for. I guess nobody is even reading it.

Meanwhile I found out many other leds which do not work for Mixon 4 on Djay Pro for windows. Some of them are really critical like jogwheel leds, loop lenght, master volume or active channel.

A 800 USD controller combined to a licenced software like djay pro should be free of such silly issues, especially when the two products are advertised as being 100% compatible. But nobody working in Algoriddim seems to care enough to address the problem, which on paper looks really simple. And while some other company like Denon is pushing for a notebookless (and therefore to some extent) to a softwareless controller, we paying subscribers are left with no support whatsoever from the software company of our (wrong?) choice.

Anyway bitterness aside, should any of the forum readers have come up with a possible mapping solution please let me know thanks