Reloop Mixon 8 pro case

Hello, I could not find dj workstation for reloop Mixon 8 pro:

Any suggestions
Other brands are usually too heavy

Check out Magma and Odyssey cases. Also note that the Mixon 4 is the same size so those cases should fit the 8 as well.

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Ok then I will just Mixon 4 case

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@DJ_Faisal The Mixon 4 Decksaver also fits the Mixon 8. I ended up going with a Decksaver and the Magma XXL Plus II EVA soft case.

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I do have the odyssey soft case. Flight cases are heavy.

Yeah, Iā€™m not a flight case fan. They are way too heavy IMO. I put my Mixon 8 with Decksaver and soft case inside an XL suitcase when I travel.

Agree, the only thing I like the gliding table. I might just add a laptop stand.

You may want to check this:

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I have similar Odyssey brand.Ty.

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