Reloop Mixon 8 Tempo Fader Issue

I would be moving pitch down slowly, bpm changes as it should then I would stop , I would then move it up a little and bpm doesn’t change I have to move it up about quarter of an inch before bpm starts changing again , is this normal with this controller but then if I start moving it up again slowly , bpm moves normally, summit I noticed yesterday

I’m using a Reloop Mixon 8 , everything is updated to newst firmware and newest djpro
Updated yesterday

I’m on iMac sonoma , m3 chip

I think what you experiencing is what’s called ‘soft take over” the bpm moves once you hit that point on the slider. This is normal behaviour. There are several posts about this. Here’s latest one.

I’ve uploaded 2 vids on media , this happens not just at that point , it can happen anywhere

My cdj 350 does not do this and very accurate , my flx also does not do this ,

Cdj 350 , no pitch fader issues

Hi @Ellisparty, thanks for the videos and details about the issue.

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  1. Have you downloaded the latest Mixon 8 firmware from the Reloop page? I recommend that you install this firmware twice, as myself and others have observed that it doesn’t always install properly on the first try.
  2. Do both Deck 1 and Deck 2 Tempo Faders behave in the same way or is it just Deck 1?
  3. What Tempo Range do you have set in djay (8%, 10%, 15%, etc.)?
  4. Do the Tempo Faders move normally if you have Sync turned OFF for both decks?
  5. Are you using the built-in MIDI mapping for the Mixon 8 or one that you edited yourself or downloaded from someone?

Yeah installed twice , i remember seeing that in a different post from u , contacted Djsuperstore, they are sending me a replacement,
They phoned and said , it’s looks like you have dead spots , but it’s on both pitch faders

Yeah it’s on 8percent pitch , using iMac apple m3 chip ,Mac OS 14.4.1 newest iMac, I’ve tried my Mac book pro and other iMacs I have , same issue

Now Using firmware 50.39, on Mixon pro 8 , original midi mapping , not mapped anything
And I don’t use sync pal

Any ideas , sending back on Tues , jus installed firmware another time no joy , or could it be a controller fault

Thanks for the additional details @Ellisparty. Based on this description, it sounds like a hardware issue to me. Please report back here when you get your replacement and let me know if the issue is resolved. I’ll consider this topic completed for now so that I can focus on others, but if the issue persists on the new hardware, we can reopen the discussion. Thanks!

Ok no worries, thanks ,

You’re welcome @Ellisparty