Reloop mixon8 pro

Hi all. Does any one have a review on the new reloop Nixon 8?
Just placed an order for one but can’t find any good hands on reviews online

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That’s probably because it’s not available yet.

I’m also very interested in the number of available (separate) digital channels and DA conversion quality (as I find the Mixon 4 a bit lacking in sound quality).


They have told me I will get mine in the second week of Jan 2023 so let’s see. Does the staff here at Djay have any comments on this as reloop claims that they had Djay pro in mind when making this controller.

Looking at both companies track records and support for other Reloop controllers I’m sure it’ll work great out of the box.

These two have been working together closely for years now… :slightly_smiling_face:

I did’nt find one either.Yesterday, said they would review it in the next few weeks. I was considering buying the Mixon 8 and counting on great Djay integration, however I am kind of blown away by the new Rane Four videos I saw this week so I will probably lean more towards that one.

I’m not sold on the USB audio setup. If I’m not mistaken they basically have 2 x 2 digital inputs, as opposed to (I think) the Mixon’s 2 x 4. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Also the Mixon has far more encoders.

Let’s see how this goes

I really want to like the Rane Four but the layout is way too busy for my taste. Stems are cool and all, but all the dedicated controls and sub labels for them look distracting. It’s also bigger than a prime four if I’m not mistaken and I can’t imagine what the price will be. Still on the fence about the mixon 8 but I like it’s more streamlined layout and simple jog wheel displays. I’m hoping for two channel versions of these controllers or even a Rane Seven motorized controller as an updated V7 of sorts.

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There’s some movement. Firmware update video is already online…


Now I just need to get my hands on this thing. If they have worked so closely with djay can some of the staff, perhaps give us their opinions of the controller as they probably have played with it already.


Sure. But they most likely also have signed a NDA. :wink:

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Official support added today:


Well, Reloop pulled the video from YT, so I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer…

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Yah my order is still on hold

Maybe they looked at the Rane Four and were like “Oh shit, we gotta do better” :sweat_smile:

By dropping controls and ditching a more flexible USB setup? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have been told that I should get this in march so let’s see


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