Reloop Mixtour/iPad mini not working

Hello! I have an issue that Im not able to resolve with my iPad Mini/Mixtour using the Djay 2 app.

I’ve been using the mixtour with my phone for the past few months, and while its had its fair share of issues, it was able to get the job done.

I recently invested in an iPad Mini, and when I connect it to the Reloop Mixtour through Djay2, the sound works and goes to my speakers, and it also charges, however I’m not able to control anything from the controller. I used the Midi wrench, and it shows that the mixtour is connected to the iPad, but no actions are showing up on the screen. Any ideas on what I can do to resolve this?

I am on the latest version of iOS on the iPad (10.3.1) and the firmware on the controller is updated to 1-08. I’ve power cycled and unplugged everything numerous times, but I am still not able to control the mix. Urgent help is appreciated as I have a gig coming up.