Reloop Mixtour + iPhone 8 + Djay Pro + TIDAL setup?

Hi, I have rehearsed at bedroom for a month now with this setup and I have a gig coming up. (I’m not a beginner though, I DJd pretty intensely in 2013-2014 with DDJ controller+laptop (local MP3s) though. Owner expects me to play indie disco, lighter hiphop and urban classics and softer house.

I feel pretty comfortable and I have plenty suitable tracks for two hours set - this place also have all the necessary cables, speakers etc, strong WI-FI connection. I really like the compactness of this setup too. I haven’t noticed iPhone overheating or crashing/stalling, but I haven’t really mixed for over 2-3 hours yet too.

What I have noticed so far: TIDAL lets you DL tracks for offline use but they cannot be used in DJay Pro right? So wifi connection is a must, but I also have my cellular plan as a backup in the same phone. I’m also bringing iPad mini 3 with me just in case of something happens to iPhone.
I also noticed that I cannot rate/color code etc my TIDAL tracks in DJay so I have to prepare myself a little (no biggie though as I have handpicked all the tracks and know their energy levels in my head).

Any pointers/notes/tips/hints what else to keep in mind with this setup?

When checking posts in internet and overall sentiment, then I may look like a jerk with so compact setup because it has been said that DJ should be behind massive gear that also look professional. What do you think about it? For me it seems that quality music and DJ enjoying together with the crowd is the most important thing not outlook of the gear.

Thank you!



yeah you cannot use offline Tidal tracks in Djay ; you need to download them on the fly as you use Djay.
why not use the iPad instead of the iPhone ? bigger screeen


Hi JiPenade, thank you for your reply!

IPad once started to drag on Deck 2, and on Deck 2 only. Pretty weird, I have no 100% confidence on it.
Although it’s pretty clean app-wise, only Youtube, Tidal and DJay installed.
Plus this older iPad doesn’t have Neural Mix (no necessary chip in it) which I found pretty useful in iPhone for instance…iPhone screen is a little bit small, for real, but I can still see track waveform and BPMs and loop length - that’s all I need to see.

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@udog I have played many gigs over the last 4 years using Tidal, Wifi and Cellular data as a backup. Most of the time I had zero issues, but had to switch between Wifi and Cellular often when tracks were slow to load. What I would recommend is to have some of your favorite tracks purchased, downloaded and stored physically on your phone. This way if there’s an issue with the internet, you have some tracks that you can play while you reset your connection. There’s nothing worse than that feeling when your track has run out of time and your next track won’t fully load into memory.

As for the gear setup, I’ve played sets with your identical setup and with my iPad Pro and my Denon Prime 4. Personally, I don’t think the gear matters at all as long as you’re playing great music that your audience is enjoying. I’ve never had anyone say anything negative when I played sets on my Mixtour. Having said that, when I show up to gigs with my Prime 4, I often get people asking questions and wanting to check out my setup. I even had another club owner offer me a gig while I was setting up my Prime 4 and before he even heard my set.

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relying on a venue’s wifi may prove to be a recipe for disaster.
What you should consider incorporating into your mobile rig is a router you connect to the venue’s network with an ethernet cable - make your own personal wifi access point that only you can connect to, and right at your location in the venue (if possible) to reduce wifi interference. It may even be beneficial to have a VPN connection to Tidal on the AP, to hopefully “harden” the link.
Even an old 802.11n router (everybody has one of those around somewhere, right?) will be more than adequate, even for HiFi+ streams …IF the network connection is fast enough

Hi, this router plan is actually good idea and also have some tracks downloaded.

But I do have cellular plan also (5G, 16GB of data). TIDAL Hifi+ takes some 330 MB per hour so if WiFi lets me down I can rely on cellular plan.

I just hope that my future gigs won’t happen in basements :smiley:

Hi there.
I would create a playlist and put all those tracks in there so you know where to find them. If you are using the latest version of djay I would not keep the tracks on the highest quality. Beside it consuming data, there seems to be a bug with that high Quality setting and loading of songs.

This I haven’t encountered. I think for public soundsystem HiFi plan is more than enough - no need for HiFi PLUS.

I concur…and will offer that most venues don’t have the acoustics or sound systems to make anything more than HiFi audible to the majority

Will it be possible to use downloaded (offline) Tidal files with DJay Pro in the future? At the moment those can be downloaded and listened only in Tidal, we just need to be able to play them in DJay Pro also (no piracy etc involved I think).

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that’s a DRM issue I’m not sure Tidal has sorted out yet:
how do you prevent a downloaded file from being played in a 3rd party app if the user isn’t a subscriber?
easiest to simply not permit it.
a monthly license with mobile data access is a pretty reasonable expense if you’re a working pro.
(maybe the devs of each can approach apple together for a solution through the app store apparatus?) it would be great if a tidal subscription plus a djay subscription got you a digital token to be able to access files DL’d in Tidal with djay…right?