Reloop Mixtour MIDI mapping issues with both djay Pro Mac & iPad

Just got my Reloop Mixtour today, and having tested it with both my iPad Mini 3 and my Macbook Pro Retina (both with the latest versions of djay Pro), there appears to be an issue with Queue and Preview mappings (one of the reasons for buying the Mixtour in the first place).

On my iPad Mini 3, the mapping for Queue does not seem to work (SHIFT + Right Cue), however Preview DOES work (SHIFT + Left Cue).

On my Macbook Pro Retina, the mapping for Preview does not work out of the box (SHIFT + Left Cue), however Queue DOES work (SHIFT + Right Cue).

I opened up the MIDI mapping config for my Mixtour in djay Pro on my Mac, and can see that SHIFT + Left Cue is not mapped to anything (as part of the default Mixtour mapping).

Now I can fix this on the Mac by just adding in the missing mapping. However I don’t have that option on the iPad Mini.

Can you please confirm that these issues with the Mixtour default mapping will be resolved in a future update?


Any update on this please? Is this a djay issue, or an issue with the MIXTOUR?

Hi Jason, can you send me a quick email please, I may have a solution for you…

Hi Jason,

we want to thank you for pointing this out and are sorry for the delayed response.

Regarding the Macbook Preview mapping, this feature will be implemented in the next update of djay Pro, thanks for that.

The iPad adding a track to the Queue button is a problem we are aware of and we are trying to implement this as fast as possible.

Thank you Jason for your feedback.

Lukas E.

Hi Jason, could you pass me your mapping of mixtour .. amateur dj at home and I would like it better 

My movements, Greetings rocke Argenitna