Reloop Mixtour Pro with a second Controller

Hello everyone, I’m thinking about buying the Reloop Mixtour because it’s currently the only device that unlocks Djay Pro for free. The only thing I’m missing are jog wheels. Is it actually possible to connect a Pioneer WeGo or other device from Pioneer or Denon or Reloop (I have the Reloop Mixon 4) to the Mixtour and then use it with the iPad Pro as an add-on controller? Thanks for the info.

Hi @mstylez77,

  1. While you can connect multiple MIDI controllers to djay at once, only one of them can be used as an audio interface.
  2. Typically, the device that is connected last will be automatically set as the audio interface.
  3. I recommend that you use a high quality, powered USB-C hub with your iPad to connect multiple DJ controllers.
  4. Please also refer to this link for our list of natively supported hardware on iOS: DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim

Thanks for the info, but I still can’t get any further. I have the original USB‑C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (USB‑C Digital AV Multiport Adapter - Apple (DE)), but how do I use the Reloop Mixtour Pro with the Reloop Mixon 4 at the same time?

@mstylez77 that adapter will not work for connecting two USB-A devices at a time because it only has a single USB-A socket. You need a powered USB-C hub with at least 2 USB-A sockets.

I personally use this one from Baseus, but there are lots of highly quality options out there. Just make sure you get want that has pass through USB-C power delivery and is made by a reputable manufacturer.

Do you know a good adapter that you could recommend to me? And again, to answer my question: can I use both devices at the same time or is that not possible at all?

Look at the Baseus adapter above. Yes, as I already said above you can use 2 controllers at the same time.

That just came as a reply from Rellop

Hello Volkan,

thank you for your request.

As the Mixtour and Mixtour Pro don’t offer inputs, it is not possible to connect another device directly to the Mixtour. If you want to connect more than one controller to your dj software, please contact the software’s developer directly to find out if it’s possible.

Best regards
Team Reloop

That is correct. You are not connecting the other MIDI controller direct to the Reloop Mixtour. You are connecting both directly to the iPad with a second USB cable.