Reloop Neon, mapping please

Please!!! Support to Reloop’s Neon

Thanks a lot for your feedback, Bernardo.

I do see how to program Djay to react to the various button presses. So far so good. However I was hoping to program the reloop neon buttons to light to give visual feed back to the modes you are in similar to what you might see on the beatpad 2. For example hot cues work but the buttons are not light up. How do I tell the neon I want this or than button lighting? It would be nice if someone put a lot of time into a midi mapping config if it were portable. Is it possible for a user to create a midi mapping and then share it such that it only need to be imported or integrated? I need to go crawl around the library files t see if it is just a matter of dropping it in. talking someone through extracting the file and dropping it in.

Oh man “you da man”. This is awesome. I will give the the once over and when I have some flight time on it i will respond on TT. But as far as the hot cues this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. THANK YOU!

you can try my midi mapping here ……

Hi Daniel …read above … Its already mapped … Lights and all … Click this link ……