Reloop Ready + Mac Laptop

I’m curious, Ready owners, does your Reloop controller work with your Mac laptop? On the Reloop website, Buddy is the Djay native device. But according to the Reloop website Ready works with Djay via iPad and iPhone (iOS). Does this mean Djay on a Mac will not work with Ready? Seems very mean…!

That is incorrect. If you select Mac on the Algoriddim site you will see the Reloop Ready listed. Also I can confirm from personal experience that it does work with Mac.

True, for Algoridiim. I’m talking about the ReLoop site, comparison chart. Only DJay via iOS/iPad is mentioned there. But in another thread we’ve very much cleared this up. Thank you for your help.

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FWIW, I bought the Ready! Early days but so far fairly happy using it out the box with djay at a party. I might pick your brain over the next coming months, if you wouldn’t mind?

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