Reloop Terminal Mix 8 - Pls pls pls give native support

Hi there

I was excited to see an update for DJ pro today (30 April 2016) with support for new controllers - but NOT the terminal mix 8. Every flavour of Pioneer controller is natively supported but the only 4 deck controller with proper performance pads you don’t natively support? At the very least make us a midi config file that we can use and that would be fine to keep us going

I notice that this is a repeated request from lots of people - pls pls pls can you natively support it?

thx in advance

Hi there, 

thank you for your post. I noticed your demand and forwarded the request internally.

In the meantime, have you tried mapping the controller with the midi mapping learning feature?

Lukas E.

Hi Def,

we understand your complain. The LED meters are not mappable via the midi learning tool. The rest should work, have you tried hitting the Deck 3/ Deck 4 button? After doing so every button on the deck should send another midi signal.
In that way you can map things like the Auto Loop to another Deck.

In the meantime, I can assure you that I forwarded your request and hope that other users are following you by sharing their feelings towards a natively mapped Teminal Mix 8.

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas

Thx so much for responding. Yes I have tried to map and even re-used a mapping file that was uploaded on the forum. I however have lots of issues - e.g. auto loop can’t be mapped individually to deck 1/ 3 and 2/4, but activates both at the same time, LEDs that should stay on do not, performance pads do not change colour as you switch performance mode (i.e. cues vs samples, etc) etc. The controller works natively with Serato really well and even though I love djay i am now slowly migrating to serato because of these issues

Would just be fantastic if you could help. We need a 4 channel controller for djay pro (iPad and Mac) and terminal mix 8 is good value and form factor. - given you already support terminal mix 4 and so many reloop controllers why not support 8? Thx

Hey Def were you able to get your TM8 functioning properly as it should? I still cannot. Having trouble with the response of the jogwheels when scratching. Example holding to jogwheel in place at the 0 postion…ive tried with the speed and reaction…still cannot map properly. Also the HotCue Pads…are not storing cues. Can you send me a Good MiDI mapping if you do in fact have?

PCDJ DEX 3 has Natively Supported Reloop Terminal Mix 8 and Beatmix 4 recently. I downloaded a Demo of tbe software and it is Flawless. Please Algoriddim…follow suit for these 2 Controllers.

Pete…I did in fact purchase the Reloop Terminal Mix 8 second hand. And downlaoded Serato DJ on my PC and Mac…it reconized the TM8 immediately as it should being it is Plug N Play…no License Needed for Serato DJ??

Yeah it does in fact work Great with Serato DJ. I just DO NOT LIKE their Media Library Organization Engine. It is Horrible!!! Should be User Friendly…seems like I am Always Having to Double Check Audio Files to make sure they are “there” and Playable Audio not duplicated Corrupt Broken Files. Still WAITING FOR ALGORIDDIM TO NATIVELY MAP TERMINAL MIX 8 AND BEATMIX 4 like PCDJ did last year. Take Care Pete

Hey Lukas - and others - couple things

  • now that you have the mix on natively mapped can’t you reuse some of that code for terminal mix 8? We can’t go out and buy a whole new controller that is almost identical when you could help us with just adding native support… the lack of native mapping means we can’t get the platters to integrate as tightly (so scratching is not great) and also the velocity pads do not change colour to match your cue point colours (always stay white and with 8 cue points would be so much better if the pad colours worked…)

  • then for others here are the hacks I figured out to get what I could out of midi learn
    * for the platters, the terminal mix 8 has touch sensitive jog-wheels, so when you touch it for midi learn on the mac, it produces two controls, one button and one rotary control, I initially only then mapped the rotary oneand it behaved very weirdly. But you need to map the two controls - set the rotary to “Scratch” and set the button to “Scratching Mode”, then it understands when you touch the platter that it should stop the record spinning, and then when you move the jog wheel/ platter it will scratch etc. Also then you can adjust the sensitivity using advanced controls (responsiveness and speed setting) to suit your style
    * second hack was to get the controller working on my iPad. Once you finish making the midi mapping on your mac, you need to export the midi map file. Then copy the midi mapping file onto your iPad. You do this by connecting to iTunes, scrolling under “apps” to the djay 2 or djay pro app, then copying the midi config into the files there (same place where recordings or samples you have made are stored in djay).
    * Once you do that, you need to buy one of those iPad “camera connection kits”, which is essentially a USB to lightning connection, and plug that into your iPad to actually use the TM8 ON IPAD. It also needs you to plug the power cable for the iPad into the camera connection kit power slot or it complains that the controller is trying to draw power from the iPad. This now works for me

Clearly the fact I had to go through all this (map the TM8 MYSELF, EXPORT FILE, LOAD ON IPAD, ETC ETC) was pretty frustrating considering there is native support for EVERY RELOOP CONTROLLER EXCEPT THE TM8. Would be so so so sooooooooooo helpful if Algoriddim would just add native support…

Hope this helped someone

hi guys. I am wondering if this support for Teminal mix 8 is solved. I have this Reloop controler and i dont know if i Can or Can’t used with Algoriddim? Please let me know.

hi there

i am in the same boat here, have been using djay for quite some time on vestax spin 2 controller , i purchased a terminal mix 8 second hand meaning that the serato license to its software wont work as its linked to the previous owner. i really enjoy djay the program and would love to see it in full action on the terminal mix 8! i thank the guy who did put up a custom mapping for it which runs enough to get you going, but realistically it should be native mapped.

i guess we all wait in hope…


hey mark , i got the boot on many occasion !!! all of sudden its working, after seeing your comment ! cheers mate ,i had given up !!! still a big fan of djay ,serato here we come !!!
back to school we go !!!

cheers mark

its like christmas tree!!!

Hi all, I am also using the Terminal mix 8.

I have downloaded Djay pro and have a week long demo. I am really liking it but it looks as though there are no mapping files that work perfectly with TM8. I will be holding off purchasing until it works.

Please support it :slight_smile: