Reloop Terminal Mix 8

I can’t get any sound out of my controller. I’ve tried everything! Ever since the update sound does not come out of my controller for pre-cueing. Also, how do you change the LED lights??? Why doesn’t Algoriddim just add support for the Terminal Mix 8?? Support for the 2, and the 4, but not 8?? Come on!

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I had previously made a post of this problem since the update of 1.1 no sound comes out of my controller. I know it’s a software problem. What’s the scoop Warren?

First off, rest assured, we’ll keep on supporting new controllers. 

However, your Reloop Terminal Mix 8 should be working with djay Pro. Please make sure you’re using the latest update. Now, have a look at the “Device” preferences: the Reloop Terminal Mix 8 must be selected for both, your Main- and Pre-Cueing Output.

Lastly, I’m sorry, your LEDs can’t be mapped.

midi learn does not map properly decks 3&4 for FX, it is stuck on using fx from 1&2