Remake DMX software next!

You guys have been awesome at creating cool, stable, user-friendly, excellent DJ software, now, please do the same for DMX lighting control!

Perhaps you could start small by integrating basic DMX controls into djay with an Art-Net output. That would be excellent.

Imagine, controlling DMX lighting, including moving heads please, right from within djay!

That could be the next big evolution for the mobile DJ.

Yes, please.

Alternatively, improving the capability of the MIDI out portion of the program could accomplish the same thing.

A plug in to send a MIDI note when a specific song starts would be cool.

Or maybe you could set it to send a MIDI note whenever you wanted during a song?
These could be similar to cue points, stored in the cloud.
Even sending a MIDI note every 8 16 or 32 bars would be useful.

The ability to send the bpm/clock via MIDI would be a great start though.

I’d love a way to Que a song in DJay and have it play back a light show that I preprogrammed.

Would be a great idea!

For best sync between my DMX-Software und Audio playback at the moment i can only use Traktor from NI (Sending the Traktor Beat-Phase) via MIDI to QLC+).

With this option Djay can become really pro!

Hi there,

thank you guys for your Idea.

I forwarded your request for a DMX integration internally, thank you.
Would be great if other users share their thoughts regarding DMX support.

Lukas E.

please integrate dmx into djay pro 2