Remapping for Android please!!!

Hi to all. I would like to remap my dj controler in the Android version. The iOS version has this option, but it is unavailable on Android. Please develop it !!! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

You’ll have an easier time transitioning to the MacOS/iOS versions than trying to get new features added to a version of the software that is seeing only basic maintenance updates, if any. Sorry - most of us are Apple people, and that’s who theyre writing for/supporting.

According to figures from March 2023, Android currently maintains its position as the world’s leading mobile operating system, with a market share of 71%, while iOS represents 28%. In my humble opinion, Algoriddim is doing the wrong thing by ignoring most of the market.

ah, an optimist.
when I was in University for music 30 years ago, there was a joke among (jazz) performance track students:
“what do you call an accordionist with a beeper? (Cell phones were just starting to become affordable for non-business purposes) An optimist.”
It’s easier for algoriddim to write for and support the app for Apple’s orchard…Android has so many hardware/software versions that no development moving the project as a whole forward could happen…as you’re discovering, or will in time.

I feel for your situation but heysoundude is right, I wouldn’t recommend waiting for an update for the android version. It helps to signal your interest here for the future but given how low of a priority the Android version seems to be, there’s no guarantee this will come soon or at all.

Given the market situation, you are correct but there’s a key detail missing in that iOS users spend twice as much in total as Android users on apps (see Google has paid Android developers about half of what Apple has - The Verge), even though they make up less than a third of the global market share. That means it is on general more profitable to develop for iOS, especially for software makers like Algoriddim that need to make adjustments that are specific to hardware.