Remember Neuralmix layout on app startup

NOTE: Please use the search function above before posting to avoid creating duplicate topics. Remember Neuralmix layout on app startup. eg with or without the slider to blend between them
The default layout when opening Neuralmix on the iPad has the little fader so you can mix gradually from Instrumental to Acapella .
My preferred layout is with 2 buttons to choose 100% Instrumental or 100% Acapella, so I change it but next time I open the app to DJ it’s back in fader mode. That mode may suit others, so my suggestion is that it remembers the user’s preferences.
Changing topics, I’d also like to see this (remember preferences) implemented within Manual FX too, because the D/W knob always defaults to 100% Wet.

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Hi @Andi_Joseph1, thanks for the suggestion. Can you please share some screenshots to help communicate your suggestion to the dev team? Thanks!