Remote pause/play

In addition to normal DJ use, I use Djay to play music for dance classes on my iPad, and it’s awsome. The speed adjustment is great if the pupils are struggling at higher speeds, and it also means that I can play any track at an appropriate speed, which is the best bit. Much better than my old CD player. Would prefer bpm to percentage on speed change though.
The only feature that I really miss is being able to pause/play the music from the other end of the hall, I have to keep running back, or stay by the iPad. Is there a remote control (Bluetooth maybe) available that will pause/play just like the traditional remote did on my old CD player? I know this would be a backward step technologically, it’s all iPhones and ipod touch these days, but I don’t have either, and from what I understand, they only work as a remote for a mac.