remove album column from full screen library

when i’m mixing i don’t care what album a track is from. please free the space up so more useful information (album art, cue points, key/comment) can be displayed!

yesh! so down w/ having rating available as a sort/column. every remote allows you to assign stars. i’m sure everyone has their own system but since it’s the one thing everyone has access to, please expose it!

just for shits, my own sift system is

1 star delete
2 star merit, but i don’t care if i never hear it again
3 dig, low nrg
4 dig, mid nrg
5 dig, hi nrg

mdmamgmt, yeah, cross dj and dj player do that nicely!

i wanna view this modification soon…

And add a small square for album art in its place. Srs.

How about making it so I can fully ready titles! It cuts off most titles so I have to hear it first before I can know what song I’m using

Yes but add rating instead

Please make an option to configure tracklist view on IDJPRO !!!
It is very difficult to choose songs when the tittle are cut !!!
Since this problem… some update… but nothing !!!
A lot of people talk about this BIG PROBLEM !!!

You’d like Djay & IdjPro being professionnal so …

I am going to insist until the problem is not solved !


Three things to add to this thought:

  1. Either make the fonts smaller (or user adjustable) for the columns.
  2. Allow the user to choose the columns to display.
  3. Definitely second the ratings column if 2 above is not possible.
  4. How about changing the library view so that it scrolls and expands like a vertical wheel and, when your track is in the middle of the view it expands to the full width of the page and can show the entire track name (picture the way the clock setting works on the calendar function and you’ll get the gist).



It’s really important for DJ’s to be able to see the FULL filename, especially since all remix information is listed at the ends of the filenames. I’m a pro DJ in Taipei and am mentoring my friend using your software. It’s impossible for him to tell which song he’s picking without loading it and listening to it, wasting valuable time, considering pro DJs switch songs every 1:30~2 minutes.
In addition, you need to have both a scrolling wave AND the full wave with play and cue markers displayed at all times. As a DJ you need to be able to check how much playtime you have left to judge the time you have to decide the next track.

Overall, a decent app, and with these improvements it will be fantastic.

Rick Kraft

  • 1 on showing ratings!

Also being able to sort by rating and sort by date added would be great.

Either rating or comments. I like the idea of being able to choose and select the fields you want to see from the setting menu best. That way you can pic the information you want to see.