Remove Checked Songs from Playlist Window in Automix

During Automix the songs check off after they are played. Can these be removed automatically so you can see the #2 and #1 songs about to be played? After a bit, you see just the played songs from the beginning of the playback. Alternatively you can get scroll down to see #2 and #1 but wondering if I am missing something where the played songs can either be removed or it can be sorted differently?

Hi @scottyc,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

At of right now, previously played (Checked) tracks will not remove themselves from the Automix queue after playback but I do see your point in how you need to scroll to see the “Next Up” tracks.

I’ll push this along to our dev team as a feature request for further review.

Additionally, I will be moving your thread to the Suggestions Category so that other djay users can vote on this!