Rename Cue Points + Beat Counter/ Bar Number?

Hey Guys,
i am totally new at Djay Pro (1.3.1) for Mac and ask myself if there is any possibility:

  • to rename Cue Points oder have any informations instead of the color (time, name,…)
  • to display a beat counter or the bar number?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Peter,

thank you for your interest in djay Pro. 
Cue Points are only represented by their color.
A Beat counter /bar counter is also not supported by djay Pro.

Nevertheless we got your feedback and I assume that you would like to have these features implemented.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Cheers,Lukas E.

i love dj pro by algoriddim but the only reason im using virtual dj 8 is because in virtual dj we can rename the hot cues so its easy to remember which cue represents which part of the song , it is almost impossible to remember in mind that which hot cue represents which beat or part of the song especially if we have hotcues set for lets say more than 10 songs, i wish djay pro had that feature , i downloaded n im using the djay pro trial version but i cannot rename the cue , plus i wish djay 2 for android had 8 hot cue points like in djay pro instead of only 3, big fan of djay by algoriddim but forced to use virtual dj because i can rename the hot cues there , please add this feature on djay pro and djay 2