Renaming songs in DJays recordings dir does not work if a 3rd party app put the song in that dir.

If recordings that were not generated by DJay get dropped into the …Algoriddim/Recordings/ directory it will let you change the name but it only changes in the recordings list. If you load the song with the changed name in DJay or export it to iTunes it still has the original name.

The use case is if I have some other third party app that recorded something I want to check it out in DJay prior to deciding if it belongs in my library. So I point that app to save its files in the DJay recording dir. This gives my an opportunity to test flight the song first. I do not like putting things in itunes from the get go because it wants to organize it and put it in the cloud and all sorts of stuff before I am ready. Once it is an asset that I know I want to keep then in DJay I can say send to iTunes. This all work perfect unless I decide to rename the song.