Reordering Songs within a Playlist on the fly

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  • Device model:reloop buddy
  • Version of operating system: windows 11
  • Version of djay: dj pro
  • Hardware/controllers used: buddy

Your question: i came from record box to this software , in record box i could drag the track im reviewing to the desired place in a play list but on the dj pro i haven’t been able to find this option to rearrange the tracks am i missing something

pioneer xz
djm 750
2 x 1200
reloop buddy
making noise the neighbors can dance to


Hi @Tony_Dean,

  1. Reorganizing of songs within playlists is only supported within the My Collection Source of djay.
  2. This cannot, for example, be done within a Tidal, SoundCloud or Beatport playlist. To adjust the order of songs in those music sources you need to use their dedicate apps or web browsers.
  3. I recommend that you copy or recreate your playlists within the My Collection source.
  4. Some of the other advantages to creating playlists within My Collection are
    a. They can contain songs from multiple sources like Beatport, SoundCloud and Local Music.
    b. You can create Smart Playlists.

cheers for the reply , as daft as this sounds im at a loss here , maybe this is something that can be added to the software, i usually play on the fly with me dragging tunes onto the deck from the 50 or 60 tracks in the list , in record box when doing this it then ads the track under the last track played and then builds the play list as your going , ATM i need to go back and find the tracks ive played from around 40 or 50 songs and then copy the info into a word document to post a play list for a set ( the joys of playing without a set format give you the ability to react to a crowd and still have a play list when finished )
i will look more into this cheers

Hi @Tony_Dean, you’re welcome. Maybe I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to do here. Can you please capture a video of how your workflow works in Rekordbox, upload the video to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? Another video showing how you’re trying to accomplish the same thing in djay would be great too. I think this will really help communicate what you’re after. Thanks!

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