Repay for update after just 2 weeks?

I bought both Djay for iPad & iPhone just under 2 weeks ago. Now I have to repay for the next version? This sucks, you could have given a heads up that the new version was about to be released AND that the new version has to be bought again. Now I bought 2 absolete products which will never be updated or supported.

If I would have know that 2 weeks ago, I would have waited to get this new version…

Hi Marc,

We are very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to distinguish between new and old customers in the App Store, therefore there is no way for us to offer any upgrades.
All sales/refunds for the App Store are handled solely by Apple, so we also have no way of granting you a refund directly.I am really sorry that I can’t help you out myself. Please contact Apple Support and kindly ask for a refund.

I think it’s only fair for recent purchases say within 2 months for a free upgrade.


After more than a month I will never get a refund on 2 apps from Apple. After searching, I can’t even find a page where to ask for it and emailing seems to be down on the apple support site.

It is just very bad timing on your side to release version 2, after version 1 has been on sale during the 5 year anniversary of the App Store. I won’t be the only one to have bought the old version during this sale, just to hear that version 2 is released 2 weeks later AND has to be bought again. This is just giving a big middelfinger to all new customers that bought the old version recently.

Couldn’t you have edited the description of the old app weeks before pulling it in favor of the new app? If so, you should really consider doing such a thing in the future if you plan doing this again with version 3…

I already bought the version 2 for the iPad because of the limited time introduction sale. But I won’t buy it for the iPhone, because I still feel being cheated.

Maybe you should consider giving ppl that complained about this terrible decision a free giftcode for the iPad/iPhone version 2? This can be done by Algoriddim itself. This would show that you really care for your customers instead of referring them to another party and be done with it.