Repeat function for a song?

I’m an avid user of djay2 pro on my iPhone (and Mac to a lesser extent) as a listening music app similar to Spotify or iTunes. The reason I love djay pro so much is because of the functionality to adjust the pitch of songs and speed them up/slow them down. One feature I can’t seem to find is an option to loop a current song on repeat.

Looping a song is an incredibly useful feature to have I find when I’m deeply focused on my work and when I want to lose myself in a song. Having to constantly restart a song manually is quite frankly a little disappointing, especially when it seems like it would be such a simple feature to add. Unless of course it’s already there somewhere and I’m missing it?

Either way, I’m a huge fan of djay2 pro and will continue to use it, but this seems like such a simple feature to add, and I’m sure there are other who would enjoy such a feature as well.

Why don’t you just create a playlist with only the one song in the list and repeat it as many times as you want to hear it?

Thanks Bill, I should’ve mentioned that this is the workaround I’ve been using for the time being for a while. It’s just a little tedious always creating new playlists and it doesn’t help with keeping my music organized.