Repeat functions

Hi all,

I don’t use the DJ dedicated loop functions in djay (loop in/out, loop over x bars). But I would greatly appreciate having the same repeat functions as in the standard music app, which is:

  • repeat the whole playlist
  • repeat the whole album
  • repeat the active song

Would that be possible to extend the loop function in that way or to add this as a separate function?


Seems like an overlooked feature. Would be a cinch in implement and really useful.

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Repeat entire track Djay.

Would love to see a track repeat function. Would be great to have tracks loop and not have to wait and restart the track each time.
Perfect for backing tracks. Also using the app in dance studio, to have a track repeat without intervention would be a godsend.

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Repeat track function?.

I would love to see this, its the ONLY thing missing that would make djay the perfect app! And ive only been wondering if it would implemented for about the last 2 years, pretty much given up hope on it now! =/

Has the TRACK REPEAT function been implemented?

I would love to be able to load up short loops and turn on track repeat and not worry about the track getting to the end and stopping… This would also manage my ipad’s memory more efficiently.

Please add a Track Repeat function. Pretty please. ?

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Is there a Track Repeat function on ipad djay?.

If there is a “track repeat” function im not seeing it.

I’d like to load in my custome tracks that when they end seamlessly loop with the begninning. sometimes they are short loops sometimes longer. regardless, it would save me a lot of time and valuable hd space if i could use djay (ipad) as a versatile loop player.

Hi Huba Kelemen,

we are sorry but the Repeat function from djay Pro for the Mac is not available in the iPad version.

I forwarded your requests internally thank you guys.
Lukas E.

for real - add a track repeat!!!

Hi. So there is repeat función for windows ?